“Scraping” website data is a technique used to gather information from a website without having to visit the site or physically copying and pasting the information.

Pandas has an easy way to scrape data represented in tables via its read_html() method and using the table tag in the HTML. …

Stationarity is when the time series being examined has a constant mean, standard deviation, and covariance over time. Time series data requires stationarity to carry out accurate forecasts. Therefore, it is important to first check for stationarity before modeling the time series data.

There are 3 simple methods to analyze…

This blog will serve as a journal of my venture into the field of data science — I will write about data science concepts I learn and projects that I complete, as well as the heartbreaks, loneliness, and frustration along the way.

I wanted to begin with what draws me…


How do you put out a fire in your office wastebasket? First, set fire to more wastebaskets to get a larger sample size. Setting wastebasket fires since 2020.

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